integrative practice

“We travel only as far and as high as our hearts will take us.”
― Anasazi Foundation

***The Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, SC — she is over 400 years old! +Picture Credit — CLICK TO READ MORE

Ecotherapy refers to the healing and growth individuals experience through contact with the earth through nature-based programs and clinical interventions designed to provide a different way of creating insight and understanding.  A growing body of research highlights the positive benefits of connecting with nature including reducing stress, depression and other mental health issues, providing ways for trauma survivors to feel grounded, and improving one’s overall mood and sense of connectedness.


Individual and group counseling are available by appointment only in both office and nature-based settings. This practice is part of the undefined which provides affordable, quality counseling options. *Initial introductory meeting is free of charge. Click HERE to learn more about the collective.

We also accept cash/out of network referrals and self-referrals. To submit a self-referral CLICK HERE; you will receive a response from a therapist within 48 hours of submission.

Earth & Soul Sister Circle

This is a monthly small group (8-10 participants) for women of all ages to sit in circle with each other led by an experienced facilitator who has completed the SISTERSHIP CIRCLE training. The circle experience is designed to create a safe supportive space for women to identify and celebrate their authentic selves, deepen connection with other women and express their feminine power and wisdom. The group meets once a month for a focused theme and experience. This is not a therapy group but a self-discovery group facilitated through a process.

Monthly Experiences

Monthly experiences are offered in the following areas (click on each one to learn more):

  • Monthly Mindfulness Stress Management Group
  • Monthly Nature-Based Healing Circle
  • Intimate Partner Violence Support & Information Group (women only)
  • Anxiety & Depression Coping Tools Group
  • Monthly nature-based exploring hikes for women only through MEET UP group

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