Professional Development & Clinical Services with a Dose of Mindfulness & Nature

Our professional development experiences are designed to not only provide content like ethics but also to create space for you to deepen your professional resilience and care for yourself. Our clinical services are you-focused and combine mindfulness and nature-based experiences for healing and deeper self-awareness.

Upcoming Workshops

There is an Ethics workshop (3 hours of CEU credit) on March 23rd in person.  This same workshop, Hope & Ethics: Effective Practice with Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma, is also offered virtually in the evening on March 30th

Upcoming Professional Resilience Events

There are three opportunities for you to strengthen your professional resilience during March.  Soul Weariness:  Ethical Reflections is a creative small group experience that combines structured story-telling and music to create space for reflecting; only 5 participants per date so register soon!    NOTE: this event will be offered once a month beginning in April.

Upcoming Nature -Based Experiences

Nature-based experiences are offered at Reflection Riding. On March 21st at Reflection Riding, a 3 hour nature-based professional development experience, Natural Mindfulness:  Paths to Balance and Lead Professionally. Click to learn more and register.

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Annual SE Ecotherapy Retreat: Healing Ourselves & the Earth

Oct. 23-25, 2020 at Reflection Riding (12 contact hours of CEU credit available) REGISTRATION OPENS AUGUST 1st