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Annual Fall Retreat

ANNUAL FALL RETREAT at Reflection Riding

Nov. 12, 2022 from 900a – 500p

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” — Maori proverb

This event begins an annual tradition of pausing and celebrating our year together on the eve of the end of daylight savings time — we honor this edge of light and darkness and the gifts it offers.

Join us for this relaxing daylong retreat that integrates honoring Mother Earth with the healing work of mothering ourselves. Come renew your spirit, explore, heal, and create in community with other wise women AND enjoy delicious food (there will be dessert — I promise!).

Colorado National Monument © 2022 by vlr

FALL 2022 DAY RETREAT: Healing with the Medicine of the Four Elements

LOCATION: Reflection Riding ****Space limited to 20 participants****

Celebrate being both Bodyfull and Mindful with the support of Mother Earth.  Activate your wellness and self-care goals and explore how the four elements can support us in our journeys of healing and self-discovery.

  • Replenished by Water
  • Inspired by Air
  • Nourished by Earth
  • Transformed by Fire

During the retreat, you will spend group time and solo time, in nature, in 1:1 conversations and with the practice of yoga. You will also experience enrichment-educational content and you will be able to be completely open in this space of sisterhood. You will be invited to lean on these holistic wellness tools to support your healing and internal process. We can’t wait to spend the day with you!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (subject to adjustment)

COST: Early Bird until 11/1/22: $55 per person (includes venue, food, creative expression supplies, and more) Regular Fee is $75

  • 9am: Coffee/Networking
  • 930a: Opening Meditation/Welcome
  • 10a:  4Elements/Catching Medicine Stories
  • 1045:  Solo Time with prompts
  • 1130a:   Yoga (chair/seated)
  • Noon: lunch (included)
  • 1245pm: Inner/Outer Wellness (Horse Medicine) discussion/practice in Small Groups with Facilitator
  • 2pm: Break
  • 215p: Creative Expression
  • 315p: Pair Activity
  • 345p: Integration: Theater of the Mind
  • 445p: Closing Celebration of the Light
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