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Rising StrongHER Retreat for Women



True luxury awaits you in the Riviera Maya, at UNICO 20˚87˚

An immersive retreat designed to support women in pausing, breathing, learning, growing, and thriving. Through facilitated activities (individual and small group), you will have the opportunity to tap into and amplify your strengths. Rising StrongHER is a practice centered in the belief that we, as women, have the power and inner knowing to heal ourselves, and to thrive.

The retreat can accommodate 20 participants who will be divided into two small groups of 10 for various experiences to create an intimate group; there will also be activities and experiences involving both groups together.  FOR BOOKING INFORMATION SCAN THE QR CODE OR CLICK HERE

You may also choose to reserve your room directly through the hotel HERE

RETREAT SCHEDULE (subject to adjustment at the facilitators discretion)

*click for retreat schedule flyer*

Sept. 7th, 2023 :

ARRIVAL DAY:  check in

5 pm: social hour /networking evening

Dinner at leisure

DAY 1:  Sept. 8th

9a:  breakfast at your leisure

10a:  opening circle (both groups combined)

11a:  solo breakout activity with instructions

1p:  lunch

145p:  debrief morning activity in small groups

230p:  creative expression experience part A

430p:  yoga

6p:  Dinner

Evening free time for Group A

Night Walk for Group B (if area allows this — could be on the beach too)

DAY 2: Sept. 9th

9a:  breakfast

10a:  morning meditation/circle (both groups combined)

11a:  Group A (Reiki)  Group B (guided activity)

1p:  lunch

145p:   Group B (Reiki)  Group A (guided activity)

4p:  debrief circle (both groups combined)

5p:  yoga

6p:  dinner

Evening free time for Group B

Night Walk for Group A (if area allows this — could be on the beach too)

DAY 3: Sept. 10th

8am Yoga (optional)

9a:  Breakfast

10a:  morning meditation/circle (both groups combined)

11a:  creative expression part B

1p: Lunch

2-4p:  solo wander/quest with instructions

4p:  debrief solo wanders in small groups

6p:  dinner

730-9p:  closing ceremony (fire ritual on beach or property if possible)

Sept. 11th Check out or extend your stay



Valerie Radu, PhD, LCSW
Lucilla Nash, LCSW, CCM