Solstice Celebrations

The solstice celebrations are important markers of the yearly cycle and indicate a shift from light to dark (summer) and darkness to light (winter). As women we honor our own inner light, power and wisdom through the ceremony of these celebrations. We had two wonderful celebrations in 2021! Enjoy the summer video below!



SUMMER SOLSTICE (June 18, 2022): The longest day of the year calls us to shine!  Please wear something yellow, white, or gold to this ceremony. We will reflect the Sun’s radiance and welcome the summer season with joy and gratitude!  We take this time to count our blessings, to show gratitude for what we have and share our abundance.  Spend time in nature, absorbing Mama Earth’s magnificent gift of life sustaining elements. Our 2022 summer celebration will be at Harrison Bay!

WINTER SOLSTICE (December 21, 2022 — celebrated on December 18th): Winter Solstice marks the longest night,  a time of faith, and the time of the turning of the Wheel of the Year, as we once again anticipate welcoming back the light.  Anciently Midwinter fires were lit and in Celtic lands, the Yule log brought in with ceremony.   Winter Solstice is a season of deep magic and faith, a potent time for release, renewal and rebirth. TO RECEIVE MORE INFO ABOUT THE EVENT CLICK HERE