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Spring Equinox Celebration

This mini-retreat is offered within the week of the Spring Equinox which marks the same amount of light and dark in a 24 hour period.

The retreat is structured to ease you out of your hibernation nest cave that you have been in since Winter Solstice.  The coming of Spring brings the beauty of blooming and renewal after a long winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a time where the energies of new birth and creativity are at their highest. A sublime, illuminating reminder that light is returning, and always does.

The retreat is a time to come out of your cocoon, cleanse out stagnant energy within the self and home, and plant seeds of new beginnings.


930a: gathering/networking

1000a: opening circle: waking up

11a: 2 mile mindful group walk: connecting the body and mind

1200p: journaling/creative expression time

1230p: LUNCH (included)

115p: Playtime (group outdoor games): what is dormant and wants to be released?

2p-3:30p: music therapy/art therapy

330p-400p: closing circle: awakening the fire within

COST: $45 (includes venue rental, lunch, snacks, music/art therapy guest facilitators, guided facilitation)

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