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Women Healing in Nature (Four Directions)

Women Healing in Nature© is a seasonal series of nature-based experiences from a trauma-informed framework. This year (2022) we are offering an introduction to the Four Directions in preparation for our winter retreat in February 2023 where we will spend the weekend going deeper within this framework.
The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree—all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life.
Each of the Four Directions (East, South, West, and North) is typically represented by a distinctive color, such as black, red, yellow, and white, which for some stands for the human races. The Directions can also represent:

  • Stages of life: birth, youth, adult (or elder), death
  • Seasons of the year: spring, summer, winter, fall
  • Aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical
  • Elements of nature: fire (or sun), air, water, and earth
  • Animals: Eagle, Bear, Wolf, Buffalo and many others
  • Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar


EAST/SOUTH SHIELDS INTRODUCTION (May 14, 2022 @ 12pEST at Cloudland Canyon)

WHAT WE WILL DO: We will spend the afternoon exploring the East and South shields in beautiful Cloudland Canyon State Park. Through structured interactive experiences, nature practices, and more you will be guided to explore how your experiences in these areas of the shield have shaped you. You will also complete a solo experience (quest) on the land ( you’ll have plenty of instructions and support).
1130 – 1245p: arrive/lunch/create a nature journal
1p: opening council/east and south shields discussion
2p: overview of nature practices
230 – 4:00p: solo quest on the land
4:00p – 5:00p: closing council/debrief
WHAT TO BRING: backpack/daypack; 2 large water bottles; snack; something to sit on (not a nature but a mat, etc); good walking or hiking shoes
COST: $28 per person (includes lunch, nature journal supplies)

NOTE: our full moon bonfire takes place after this afternoon event — you are welcome to stay and celebrate with us!

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